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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Sunday before Christmas get-up

Love this two loves.
Ellie's special Christmas dress. I got it at her shower, if you can believe that. Someone was thinking ahead. I love it!

Ellie was not into picture taking at the moment and more concerned that daddy was gonna leave us. ( he went in the garage, to get her carseat, to put in the truck.)

Everyone see my yucky baseboard to the right of the garage door, that I have yet to paint? All in due time, All in due time.


  1. I love Miss Ellie's Christmas dress! I remember that from her shower! It looks so darling! Those are great pictures with her daddy... I still think you are having another girl...

  2. She is so cute it hurts!!!!! What a lovely family you have....and you should have a boy - little boys are so cute and loving and Miss Ellie would be a great big sissy :) Hang in there, the sicky sicks DO go away!

  3. She is so pretty! How are you guys doing? I miss seeing you on Facebook. Haha. :)